With great vision comes great responsibility. EM SURV is focused on servicing the U.S. Federal Government working with the Intelligence Community. To become the Premier Trusted Mission Partner in Delivering Outstanding Service and Solutions to the Government and Commercial Market.


Provide Leading Edge Services for Demanding Work Environments.

Our Culture

Providing Responsive, Reliable Services; minimizing cost control, exceeding quality improvement and performance to exceed our clients’ expectation.


When people trust you enough to confide in you and feel heard, they are emotionally bond with you.


Our organization culture has been developed by our Senior Leadership to inspire our employees.


When employees’ feel, they are a part of a team where their contribution makes a difference and can see how their work contributes to the company at large, and the clients they serve.


Our employees are EM SURVs greatest value.


Employees are motivated and most satisfied when their needs and values are consistent with those manifested in a workplace culture.


Earning the customer’s respect, trust and loyalty is a critical point of business and remains at the center of EM SURV’S management philosophy. Every relationship is built on integrity and the promise that EM SURV lives up to our commitments in an upfront and honest manner. Its more than just words they are our operating principles.

Creating a Communication Safety Zone

The parameters set to create an office environment where your team members aren’t afraid to express their thought, so you can find solutions to problems.

Setting standard

High standards in Delivery, Service, and Products to our customers. Value our employees, and its partners.